Eliminate Fraud


If you are accepting credit cards or alternative payment methods for your online business, you can't afford not to have the Vault implemented into your system.


Choose one or more of our services to maximize your company’s performance.

Fraud Prevention

The Vault’s AI detects sophisticated, complex and automated fraud in milliseconds.

Identity Verification

The identity API provides detailed decision based identity verification for consumers and businesses.

Account Validation

Confirm account ownership to reduce returns and administrative fees.


Access more than 40 regulatory and sanction screening lists, including international sources.

Account Verification

Our bank account verification API can make real-time verification decisions prior to processing ACH, checks, disbursements and wires.

Address Validation

International requests, correct, standardizes and appends addresses for over 250 countries. It validates addresses to 99.5% match accuracy.

Real Time Risk Assessment

We return a real time risk assessment for every transaction using our award-winning technology that analyzes transaction risk using criteria such as device intelligence, behavior analysis, location data, customer attributes, payment information, and information on the purchases and related transactions.

A Better Bottom Line For Your Business

We then use state-of-the-art machine learning models and established rules to identify good customers, reduce manual review, and highlight risky transactions.



Having the Vault Certified Logo on your checkout page will automatically deter fraudsters from even attempting to continue. The Vault Certified logo also gives peace of mind to your bank and/or payment processor, knowing that you have implemented the highest and most sophisticated fraud prevention technology to your system to protect your bottom line.


Protect Your Processing Solutions

With the Vault integrated into your platform, the system becomes your gatekeeper for safe traffic and customer quality. The Vault protects your payment processing accounts from being vulnerable and subject to fines, suspension and/or closure.

Why Choose Us?

No longer take the reactive approach to fraud prevention. Proactively identify online fraud threats with the Vault.


Tired of dealing with chargebacks and online fraudsters?

Fees & Costs

Losing products and service costs? Paying additional fees for increased chargebacks?


Are you losing credit card processing because of online fraudulent transactions?

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