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The Vault’s vast network of data built over 18 years of experiences from 12,500 merchants across multiple industries

Order Linking

Sophisticated feature engineering and dynamic models running simultaneously allow the Vault to identify features that are relevant for payments fraud. The Vault connects single transactions to a vast data network. It quickly detects anomalies, provides link analysis, and automatically evaluates and weighs features to provide an accurate and effective payments score – vaultscore.


Vault AI

The Vault’s Advanced AI Delivers Desired Business Outcomes Trained to recognize patterns that have not been seen before, the Vault’s AI detects sophisticated, complex and automated fraud in milliseconds. The Vault’s AI detects new and emerging payments fraud attacks before merchants are hit with chargebacks. It enables an instant response at the speed of digital business.

Protected the Entire Customer Journey


Prevent digital payments fraud

Vault delivers accurate identity trust decisions in milliseconds. Automatically approve, decline, or hold transactions, and customize business policies to refine fraud prevention strategies.


Deflect disputes and chargebacks

Vault’s Dispute and Chargeback Management solution helps businesses manage dispute inquiries and chargeback alerts. The solution integrates with post-authorization products from major card brands.


Protect against account takeover (ATO)

Vault prevents malicious logins, detects malicious bot activity, and challenges login activity with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Deliver frictionless experiences for good customers.


Automate transaction decisions

Vault’s global network drives accurate identity trust decisions that can block fraud and low-trust events in real time. Automate decisions to reduce manual reviews and accept more good orders.


Reduce false positives and friction

Take the guesswork out of decisioning orders. Accurate identity trust decisions can prevent false positives that can cause friction for good customers. Accept more good orders and increase revenue.


Lower fraud costs

Advanced AI detects emerging fraud to uncover anomalies while ensuring customers have smooth, safe, and fast experiences. AI-driven fraud prevention can inform future strategies to lower fraud costs.


Multi-Dimensional Data Network

With Vault, you get access to the largest data network of trust and fraud-related signals to make quick and accurate business decisions. The data network links distinguishable fraud and risk identifiers from 32 billion annual interactions across 250 countries and territories, 75+ industries, 50+ payment processors and card networks, and decisions from thousands of fraud analysts to block payments and account take over fraud in real-time.


Email Insights

Email insights is an indicator of email trust, an integral part of the data network. Email addresses provide a robust way to evaluate customer identity and measure risk. Businesses can use this data to predict and stop fraudulent transactions, or gain customer insights such as lifetime value, likelihood of repeat purchases.


Device Intelligence

Device Intelligence is a seamless blend of technologies – including device fingerprinting, AI-driven fuzzy matching, and advanced AI models – that allows businesses to collect detailed device information from site visitors and shoppers. With this information, businesses can deliver personalized experiences to known customers, and detect and stop fraud in real time.


Create Custom Rules

Create custom rules and thresholds for automated decisions. You can create decisions from the risk scores, or set your own custom rules specific to your business, so that decisions are automatic and real-time.

Fraud Savings Calculator

Want to know how much our fraud prevention tools will save you? Estimate the savings by using our NEW fraud savings calculator.


Vault is Exactly What You Need

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