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Gain access to USA, CANADA, and INTERNATIONAL address validation

USA, CANADA, and INTERNATIONAL Address Validation


Gain access to USA, CANADA, and INTERNATIONAL address validation CASS-certified, address validation API instantly verified and corrects address with near-perfect accuracy in the US.

Service includes USPS’s delivery point validation (DPV), residential delivery indicator (RDI) and suitelink data for enhanced delivery intelligence.

Supports transliteration and over 25 000 alternate country names and variations across multiple languages.

International requests, correct, standardizes and appends addresses for over 250 countries. It validates addresses to 99.5% match accuracy.

Our Data is Always Up to Date


Capture the Right Address

Reduce errors and cart abandonment by 30%. Ensure accurate deliveries through validated addresses.


Easy Integration

Easily integrated into custom applications, forms, e-commerce suites and contact management platforms.

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